ESDS Master display is developed by Visutech ApS.

Visutech ApS and Radio Marconi (IT) produces and distribute these systems in corporation.

The system can be sold individualkly or as a system with more components (Master display + Seat displays etc.).

It is the simplest and most common solution for opera houses, theatres and auditoriums.

The need to guarantee the best view for all spectators has brought to the definition of a high- contrast and high-brightness panel, made expressly for the titling application.
Easy installation and maintenance, together with a proved reliability, are the characteristics of Radio Marconi's and Visutech's ESDS products.

Productsheet in PDF (not available)


The ESDS is a text display, which is used for translation of the words of foreign language opera, musical, choral work etc.


The displays are available in more sizes, because the system is modular build. The display is placed over the scene and has a high resolution with more colours (red, green, amber).


The lightintensity, fading, fonts etc. can be easily changed.


Productsheet in PDF (not available)


The 800 series electronic libretto is an individual information system suitable for any theatre.

Advanced technology field, is able to guarantee maximum functionality to inform each user with 8 different simultaneous information channels, all easy to select with just a touch.

Thanks to the ability to reproduce any existing character, the 800 system is able to display all world's languages, offering itself as a powerful translation and multilingual information device in opera, drama, ballet and concert shows.

The system meets all application needs from informative messages of use for the public and warnings.

The device design, always fully customizable, guarantees perfect adaptability with all environments; the display properties also allow a perfect visualization in all environmental conditions. Lastly, special optical filters allow an excellent and discreet vision in any context.

The device can also be interfaced with any kind of external reporting and controlling system.



Productsheet in PDF (not available)

The 1200 series electronic libretto is an individual information system suitable for any theatre. The system is based on O-LED.



Productsheet in PDF (not available)

OnStage wireless informative solution helps solving installation problems, when architectural constraints may not allow a cable installation.

Moreover, OnStage wireless system is modular, easy to expand, and preserves its value because it works with standard batteries and because 800 and 1200 series displays can be updated with no circuit revise.